The skilled pilot with a limp. "Just because one has a handy cap, doesn't mean you are useless."

History Edit

During one of the empire's raids of a planet she had one of her legs crushed and didn't have it properly healed leaving her with a limp in her step ever since. However her love of flying always

Personality Edit

Loves flying and being a better pilot than the ones she faces off against, even if it is her allies. Though she is still very worried about her allies when they do something crazy, she tries to help them out in any way she can.

Characteristics Edit

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence Start XP
2 4 2 2 2 2 110 XP
Soak Wound Thresh Strain Thresh Defense Melee Defense Ranged
3 12 13 0 0

Skills Edit

  • Astrigation 1
  • Perception 1
  • Piloting (Planetary) 1
  • Piloting (Space) 4
  • Gunnery 2

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Rarity Special
Light Blaster Pistol Ranged Light 5 4 Medium 1 2 4 Stun Setting

Armor Edit

Name Def Soak Encum HP Rarity
Adverse Environment Gear 0 1 2 1 1

Gear Edit

Name Encum Rarity
Datapad 0 0
Comlink (Handheld) 0 0
Breath Mask/Respirator 1 1
Stimpack 0 1
Backpack -- 0

Credits Edit


Experience Edit

Total 130XP

Talents Edit

Name Rank What Talent
High-G Training 2 When a starship or vehicle being piloted would suffer system strain, may suffer strain up to ranks in High-G Training to prevent an equal amount of system strain.
Grit 2 Gain +2 Strain Threshold

Abilities Edit

  • Corellians begin the game with one rank in Piloting (Planetary) or Piloting (Space). Because Corellians are naturally exceptional pilots and grow up handling swoops, airspeeders, and spacecraft from a young age, they may train Piloting up to rank 3 during character creation.