Calculated Risks Part 1 Edit

At an Imperial Office, Inspector Leon sits looking through papers, when he comes across one set of papers for Kay's ship, which he thinks isn't being taken care of according to proper procedure. So he contacts the hanger and informs them he is coming over to inspect the ship. So he does so, and whilst in the middle of doing this Leon ends up having to leave for some reason taking Leon with him. They end up in the base everyone tries to pretend they are an imperial base, failing beautifully.

Then Fulcrum, the leader of the rebellion has come to personally speak with Kilix, Rinyn and Rar Jar about something. Then later there is briefing where Leon figures out they are Rebels and that he will help them get ship shape to actually be an enemy the empire would be proud to face. Then they all are told about a base they need to take over so, they plan to attack it on 2 fronts, one is with Leon and Rinyn going to hack into their main systems while everyone else except Kay goes and breaks into the building from it's blind spot. and Kay was being the get away pilot when everything is said and done. When executing this plan Atiin got into a bit of trouble as he was spotted by the enemy. Things really started to go downhill very fast as Rar Jar and his men started being attacked, and Kay was being attacked by some TIE Fighters, Let's not forget about the AT-ST. Then when Kaiden, Nel, Atiin, and Kilix were getting ready to enter into the room they were after to begin with to get some guy and learn about the big plans the Empire has in store for the galaxy, a space ship lands in the courtyard in front of the AT-STs, and out steps an Inquisitor. Kilix is freaking out everyone is bracing for something big, and this will be continued in Session 10.