Chilly Mines Edit

The group gets tasked with going to the Spice mines, where Rinyn has some apprehension about going to these mines. When there the group ended up splitting up. Atiin, Nel, Rar Jar, and Kilix, all ended up going north into the mines, while Kaiden, and Rinyn went East.

The group north ended up running into some imperial troopers, as well as a lot of bodies and blood, as they had no idea as to what happened to these people. They find out soon that Energy Spiders (Spice Spiders) attached everyone killing anyone they could find.

Meanwhile to the group that went east they found a computer that logged something about the spiders, but was vague and was the last entry. The group found some special drugs that they knew they could sell, though this was going to be a bit of a secret from the rest of the group. They ended up facing off against one of the spice spiders as well.

In the end both groups won and they both made it away from the mines.