Base Raid Part 2 Edit

The battle ensues as Kilix finally made it to the base where everyone was fighting. Sarisa found vent that she could easily fit into and she walked through brushing off some spiders here and there. She found out the guy in charge was not exactly the best liked person. And the fact that the room there was the control room. Kaiden, and Atiin went off further into the base, and Rar Jar was being treated by Nel. The base leader died, by spiders I think, and the rest of the members of the base surrendered. Rar Jar and Nel managed to convince the rest of the members of that imperial base to join them, on the condition that they would have their families rescued from the watch of the imperial army. This was something that Rar Jar and Nel happily agreed to. Meanwhile Atiin and Kaiden managed to get some pretty cool new weapons.