Base Raid Part 1 Edit

Rar Jar gets a communication report from someone named Fulcrum about an Imperial base on Onderon that the group should checkout since its defenses have been weakened. So, RarJar, Atiin, Kaiden, Sarisa, and Nel end up heading off to Onderon to take on this base. When they get there a whole slue of things occur, such as convincing one of the officers that his grandmother was in danger from the Imperial army so he ran off to go save her. Rar Jar can be very convincing. Then the alarms went off as the group set up traps in the hanger bay using the speeders and sending them through the doors into the facility. Then Storm troopers appeared and Rar Jar was wounded pretty severely.

Kilix having realized that everyone has left, and fearing for the worst, he left Rinyn to her training despite her wanting to come along.

To be continued in Session 4