This adventure is how the main heroes gathered together in the formation of the rebel alliance, to face off against the Empire.

Ignition of Embers Edit

The day starts off following the travels of a female Nautolan Medical student landing in Onderon getting ready for her first day as a medical assistant, her name is Nel Otterna. As she got off the ship, she looked around for some directions, to the clinic she was to report to. However, along her travels she stumbled upon a heavily armored man, and a young Male Lepi being confronted by a couple of Imperial Troopers.

The Lepi was arguing with the two troopers telling them they had come to pick up a traveler and they were doing nothing wrong. The troopers seemed insistent in their questioning until Nel walked over and helped the the armored individual and the Lepi out with their situation, claiming to be the one that they were waiting for. The troopers seemed to believe this and let the people they were bothering alone. The Lepi introduced himself as Kaiden and the heavily armored individual introduced himself as Atiin.

Nel asked them for some directions to the local clinic. Meanwhile coming down the street was a whole squad of Imperial troopers. While Nel, Kaiden, and Atiin were talking among themselves, two figures in the shadows lurked, one ran around to the roof tops, the shape looked like a young female Cathar, the other figure looked to be a male Gungan heavily armed. The Cathar drops behind the squad trying to take out one at a time from behind, however she was spotted quickly. At first she tried to bluff her way out of the situation, which didn't work in her favor prompting a fight to start.

The Cathar quickly took down the trooper that she was confronting at the beginning, the Gungan being frustrated at their overly hyper team mate, stepped around the corner in front of the squad wielding a flame thrower. This caught the troopers by surprise especially when a stack of boxes also caught fire, causing the bottom box to give way and the top few boxes to fall down onto another trooper.

This scuffle caught the attention of Atiin, Kaiden and Nel since they were nearby when this happened. While Nel, wanting to help people that are facing off against the empire especially when the 2 people were outnumbered rushed in and attacked one of the troopers. Atiin, who has been ready for a fight since before Nel came in started helping out the Cathar, and Gungan against the toopers. However Kaiden was a bit more weary of the whole situation so he stood back drawing his gun, just in case things started heading his way.

As the fight progressed, a female Togruta walked out of a nearby store with an ice cream in hand, ended up in the middle of the gun fight. Her initial reaction was to throw her ice cream into the commanding officer's face in an attempt to blind him. This seemed to work for a little while, and while the Gungan continued to use his flame thrower to attack the troopers, and Nel, Atiin, and the Cathar were having a gun fight, Kaiden found his chance to open fire on the commander, getting a lucky shot as his blaster hit the guy's belt knocking it off then hit the guy's hat knocking that off leaving the commander with his pants down.

The battle was ended pretty quickly and the Gungan tried to get some more information from the commander and told the commander to tell his troops to back off. The Cathar, Togruta, and Atiin looted some weapons from the imperial troopers while Nel healed the group. That was when the commander called in for backup, It was a brilliant play that no one saw coming.

During the small lull the group finally managed to introduce themselves to each other. The Cathar is Rinyn the Gungan's name is Rar Jar, and the Togruta's name is Sarisa. Though outside of those few minutes of looting and introductions were over that is when an AT-ST could be heard coming. It approached from the same direction the Toopers came from. The 6 people scattered, Rar Jar, Kaiden and Rinyn ran east, Atiin ran south-west and Sarisa and Nel ran south.

Rar Jar, Kaiden and Rinyn ended up in the residential district where Rinyn insistent pleadings for the small group to attack the AT-ST and take it for themselves. Kaiden started to question who the heck Rar Jar and Rinyn were and what the heck were they thinking attacking the imperial soldiers. Rar Jar was ignoring Kaiden, and at times him and Kaiden were in unison shooting down Rinyn's plan to take the AT-ST as it would be too dangerous. Then some storm troopers had been hold up for their patrols of the city. they all agreed it was time to run away when the storm troopers appeared. So the three headed south for Rinyn's and Rar Jar's getaway vehicle.

Nel and Sarisa headed through the streets do the south as nothing too eventful happened on their end though the two civilians not wanting to take any chances didn't slow down. They followed the streets east and ended up running into Rar Jar's group whom were being chased by Storm troopers and being shot at in the process. and the two ran with the three to the escape pod. When they reached it Kaiden jumped into the pilots chair as everyone else got to pile in.

Atiin meanwhile was running through the maze of streets gun holstered at this point as he ran. He received a call from Kaiden saying to head east to the south east district of the town and meet them there through blaster fire So he headed east. You could almost hear the glee as he ran east, making his way through a building and he spotted through a window Kaiden getting into a nearby vehicle. So he ran through the building to the second floor and found the right spot that just so happened to be perfect for him to jump through the window landing in the vehicle.

Now that Kaiden knew everyone was there he gunned it, heading in a circle trying to pick up some speed, and found a conveniently placed ramp for his hover vehicle and drove up it blaster fire all around him, the AT-ST just rounding the corner and the group flew into the air right over the wall of the city, scrapping the bottom of the vehicle clipping the top of the wall as they made it out.

Finally feeling like they have a bit more of a breather Kaiden asks Rar Jar where they're going, when Rar Jar explains about the Dxun moon coming close enough to Onderon where the atmospheres converge, that this event was happening right now and they need to take it to get to Dxun to be safe. Kaiden understood and when they spotted the convergence the the Kaiden flew/drove the vehicle up through the atmosphere, however they were not out of the woods just yet. As the fearsome noise of an imperial TIE fighter approached.

The fighter shot at the group as they flew up the atmosphere. Kaiden didn't have much control in terms of maneuvering other than up. Luckily the fighter missed it's mark. Rinyn pulled out her gun and fired back at the fighter, getting an amazing hit on it. The fighter was knocked out of the sky. The group finally escaped and made it to Dxun, where Rinyn's and Rar Jar's base is located.

The base is nothing special, the buildings looked like they were just barely holding together, the security fence around the 4 buildings looked like they were on their last limbs, and everywhere else that surrounded them was nothing but jungles. The group was greeted by a Verpine named Kilix he was quite confused by the fact that he sent 2 people to take care of a task and then 6 people ended up coming back.

Rar Jar briefed Kilix as to what happened while the other members of the party explored the base as they Started to get at home with the place. Thus ending the first Session. Tune in next time for the second Session.

Characters involved Edit

Character Player
Nel Otterna Bee
Atiin Ordo Mete Luzi
Kaiden Kre'fey Nase Abber
Rinyn Nolu Niv Atasha
Rar Jar Sphinx Gatemaster
Kilix Gui'n Ranuen AnX