This session will be a crossover event! That meaning, everyone in those sessions will be getting involved somehow (unless they're not here). Jai's lightsaber has been stolen, and people from both parties intend to go and get it back from the pirates who have it!

There will be two "groups" for this session - Group A, who will be working Aerial Assault (keep the pirates busy in space), and Group B, who will be working Insightful Infiltration (sneak onto the ship and find the lightsaber)! Things that Group A is doing will effect Group B and vice versa - so if Group A manages a really good hit on the Pirate Ship then Group B might be dealing with less people as the pirates go to try and fix their ship; whereas if Group B manages to disable some systems/distract the crew, then Group A will have to deal with less resistance from the pirates.

Note: Groups A and B do not necessarily have to just be Tim's Group as one and Niv's Group as the other. You're free to join whichever group you feel your talents are best suited towards/what you think your character would do. However, do note: If there's too many people in one group, it will be harder for both groups. That is, if Group B has 90% of the players, Group A is going to be SOL and not be able to effectively help Group B, meaning the difficulty goes up for both of them. We will allow the use of multiple characters for those who have them available (so Nase could use both Tailspin and Xero if he wanted, and have them be in separate groups), but only do this if you think you'll be able to manage being in both groups.

Be prepared for hectic chaos, and hope you can make it for the party!